1411015788958.1imagei learnt in art how to make a collage.

the really hard part was when we had to find pictures.





I learnt

1 how make a clay  model

2 pic collge



I enjoyed

1 making clay modle

2 art show because all the people in the school made some thing

my group worked john’s group worked good and used they time wisely

next term i will do my best so i have  heaps of work


visual art reflection 2014

semester 2

I have learnt how to make paper scrolls.And how to use clay.self colours.collages.

I learnt that everyone displays artwork for the art show. It is important because we put alot of effort into making a great piece.

I enjoyed everything.


my group work good by showing good respect 


Art has helped me in maths because the designs for our maths projeted.


I think art is fun because we get to do fun things.



my group

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