sleep and fitness 

you need sleep because it helps you be healthy and fit some times.

I learnt about the gold rush

Name Aysa

Age 9

year 3


Name Taylor




term 3 i’m learning about gold with halle

do more posters  



For inquiry I worked with Alyssa and Kelly and Sidney we made a floating candles and was fun to make. and it turned out out








something I’ve enjoyed this week ICT in learning center 3

something I’ve learnt this week adverbs is a doing word

my goal is for next week is to finish all my must dos




week 5


something I enjoyed long weekend and the robotics.

somethng I learnt this week was how to make lego move.

my goal for next week to do more work.




Week 6

What i enjoyed this week is getting through the olsc got talent .

What i have learnt this week is how to make scrolls.

Goal for next week is to do more things  in inquiry.


Week 7

Something I have enjoyed this week was inquiry because I’m finished my design and technology brief.

Something I have learnt this week is that you can’t make my lava lamp the same as I excepted but it is going to work out the same .

my goal for next week is to tell people around me to be quiet

Term 4 week 8

What I have enjoyed is Peforeming arts because we past the olsc got talent .

what I am proud of this week is getting thorough the olsc got talent.

what I have learnt is one boy couldn’t talk to no one or have conversation

my goal is to do a good big write

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