My reflection

This week I did two must.

I am proud of doing two must do’s.

my goal is for next week is do all my must do’s.

I learnt this week what is trigraph and a digraph.


term 3

We had math project. The art show. Book week. 100 days of school. yr 3 camp. fable. I liked camp because it was fun and cool.the art show was fun and so much art as well.



what  have enjoyed this week

i enjoyed this week pe english art.

what i am proud of this week

being an effective  learner .

what my goals are for next week

do more work


Term 4, Week 4.

Something I have  enjoyed this week was  sport and Auslan

Something I have learnt this week was  scrolls  in art


My goals for next week are to have more fun and to finish work in time

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